How Does It Work?

Ordering is Easy!!

First you contact us to let us know what you are interested in. We will then schedule in your order, (Keep in mind we have hogs available year round, but cattle only in late summer into fall.)

On the appointment date, we will deliver your hog or cow to the the Locker Plant. There it will be processed according to your specifications. In a couple of weeks your smoked pork chops, sausage, etc. or T-bone steaks, roasts and hamburger, etc. will be ready for pick-up.

Cattle will become available starting in the summer until late fall. Hogs are available year round.

We currently deliver to Napoleon Locker Plant or Westport Locker. Please let us know as soon as possible of your interest so we can get an appointment scheduled.

Quality, locally grown meat products.

delivered directly to the Meat Locker for you.

You Pick up from Locker.



First of all the hog we deliver should weigh in around 250 lbs. Based on that assumption, you can expect to get about 140 lbs of frozen pork products from a whole hog. These cuts would include the following* :  Ham, Loin Roasts or chops, Bacon, Spareribs, Shoulder Butt Roasts, Shoulder picnic, sausage or pork burgers, and lard. Here is an example of how we had a hog processed.  It was a 257 lb. hog

36 lb. bulk sausage in 1# packages -
10 Sausage Patties -
32 Pork Burgers -
10 lb. Ground Pork -
19.88 lb. boneless pork chops -
11.54 lb. bacon -
2.14 lb. jowl bacon -
8.65 lb ribs -
6 neckbones -
Liver & lard would also be available -
130.21 lb. meat -
- -

Cows weigh a lot more than hogs. We usually butcher when their live weight is around 1300 lbs. give or take a couple of hundred pounds. Our next group of steers for butcher should be ready in August. Please keep in mind that these are live animals and the weights and timing can vary. We prefer to sell steers in whole or half quantities. If you do not wish to have a whole steer, we will put your name on a list till we can find another buyer for the other half.  Below is a breakdown of a steer we had processed.  This steer was one of our smaller steers at 1140 lb.

120  Ground Beef -
30 Patties -
19 lb. Cube Steak -
17.14 lb.  T-Bone & Porterhouse Steaks -
7.18 Sirloin Strip -
9.5 lb.  Ribeye & Filet -
1.53 Flank Steak -
11.78 Arm & Rump Roast -
Soup Bones -
1  Neck Bone -
0 Stew Meat
216.13 lb. meat -

HOGS: We will try to deliver a hog that is close to 250 lbs. The price as of 8/1/14 $1.25/lb. live weight.  So 250 lb. hog cost $312.50    Total cost from $415.00 to $502.50  Prices are subject to change and do not include processing fees. The processing fees at the Locker Plant vary according to how your pork is prepared. Generally, it should be approximately $190.00. So you can expect the total cost of the hog, including processing to be about $415.00.* We accept payments made by cash or by check for the live animal. You will need to pay the Locker Plant for the butcher cuts. 
* Prices are subject to change

BEEF: We unsure of what cattle prices will do by October.  At this time we are anticipating the live weight price to be $2.00/lb.    Price of half of a 1300 lb. steer would be $1300 plus processing.  The processing fees depend on how you have your meat cut but should be around $260 for a half.  So the total cost of the half at $1560*.  We accept payments made by cash or check for the live animal.  You will need to pay the Locker Plant for the butcher cuts.
* Prices are subject to change

All of these cuts are locally processed at a state inspected facility.